Monday, September 16, 2013

What A Beautiful Dog You Have!

Babies in strollers?  Makes sense...they can't walk.

Old people on motorized carts at the grocery store?  Totally cool...they probably shouldn't be walking.

Injured people in wheelchairs?  By all means, bring else are they going to get around?

Dogs in dog strollers?  Um, no.  No.  And are you kidding me?

The other night, while I was pushing my 12 month old baby (Oh, for non-baby people that's 1 year*) I saw a nice woman pushing a stroller my way.  As I looked down to do the obligatory check to see if my child was cuter than theirs, I saw a dog neslted inside.  (Not an ugly baby, but an actual dog.)

Dog lovers out there, please help me.  Why are you people putting your fully capable, walking animals inside strollers?  Was there a massive screw up at the hospital, and by accident you took home a dog, and now no one has the heart to tell you that little Timmy, who seems slightly behind developmentally, is not actually a baby?  Or did you misunderstand the vet's directions of getting the pet out for walks?  Did you not understand that the pet actually has to do the walking?  And lastly, why did you go with the stroller?  Haven't you ever thought of using a Baby Bjorn, an Ergo Baby carrier, a Moby Wrap or the Maya Wrap?  Didn't you know that all the experts recommend close contact with your baby...oh wait.

* The month count down drives my husband crazy.  I've started telling people I'm 34 and 6 months.


Ru said...

Totally unrelated, but this reminds me of the awkwardness of when people compliment your dog for being cute. (I have a really cute dog, and I am stopped on the regular so strangers can tell me as much.)

I gotta tell you, it's a little weird to respond to, "Man, your dog is adorable!" with, "Thanks." Thanks for what? I had nothing to do with the adorableness. I've tried saying, "Aww, he says thanks!" a few times, but that just makes me seem like a bigger weirdo ...

The Writer said...

freaking brilliant. next time say, "Thanks. toughest nine months of my life."

SkippyMom said...

If it drives him crazy don't do it. I never liked it either - I think it has to do with the clothing manufacturers. And honestly? When did anything labeled 24 mths fit a two year old.

Never. [Same goes for 6 mo 18 mo and 36 mo]

We have a woman in our neighborhood who throws on her spandex [yes, tip to toe] and walks past our house everyday. Twice a day. Carrying her toy poodle.

Seriously? You carry your dog?

I don't agree in strollers for dogs either [stupid is as stupid does] but I would almost prefer it so I wouldn't have to look at the atrocity that is Ms. Gladrags carrying her FOUR LEGGED companion.

BTW - you may not know this, but we live in the country. As in I can hear a COW mooing as I type this.

It is not spandex, poodle, dog carrying land.

They gave us a card when we moved in that gave us the right to mock. ::GRIN::

EPetsRoyal said...

I bought a dog stroller years ago for my puppy who only has 3 legs and still use today. I don't know what I would do without it! It is extremely useful for taking Peanut out for a bit.

Andrew Bridges said...

People who care for dogs that need help are real heros.

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