Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Method For Buying Fruit

I'm at the grocery store yesterday, trying to find something for my one year old to put her in mouth and then spit out, when I see two guys picking up, smelling and inspecting fruit.  Hold on, I know that isn't strange.  When all of the sudden one of the guys rips open a bag of grapes and proceeds to eat one.  He then shakes his head and tells his friend to try another grape from a different bag.  This continues through four bags until they decide to purchase the last one.  

I know what you are expecting from me.  You are expecting a snooty and indignant response to these morons.  You want me to say something like, "It's cool that my local Albertson's has become an indoor Farmer's Market with free samples."  Or "If this is how these guys buy food, how do they purchase clothes?  Go work out in three pairs of boxers and finally buy the ones that didn't totally ride up their hiney as they exercised?"  I get it.  The reading of the blog has led you to these conclusions, but let's be honest...Their method of buying fruit, though slightly unorthodox, is probably better than my style of constantly Googling, "What does a ripe mango look like," and when I can't get service, resorting to holding up different pieces of fruit to the light until I hear the Field of Dreams whisperer say, "Buy it and diarrhea won't come."  

I'm pretty positive the grapes they took home were way better than the watermelon I purchased by tapping on it like I was looking for a hidden door.

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