Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey Church, Clean My House

I love my church.  I really do, but there are some ridiculous things associated with it.  For example, my ward, or congregation, has a Google email group, where people can post announcements, solicit for babysitting and even give away things.  It's great and can be very helpful, but every once in a while, I think people go too far with this Christian Helping email.  For example, the other day someone wrote, "My daughter needs to go to Utah next week.  I was wondering if anyone was heading up there and would be willing to take them."  Utah?  I get it, we have a lot of people from Utah in our congregation, but it struck me as a little bizarre that someone made it sound like, "Hey is anyone going to the store?  Could you take my daughter?"  

Or yesterday someone wrote, "My vacuum is on the fritz again.  Does anyone have a vacuum I could borrow?"  Borrow? I will only allow this nonsense to continue if she promises to write this email once a week and never, ever, buy another vacuum. I think it would be pretty awesome to see if we, as a church, could not only supply her a vacuum a week, but next month, I want her to start requesting someone to come over and do the actual vacuuming.  And then I want the third month email's title to only read, "Bathroom Cleaning Supplies Anyone?"  (What, I stay at home all day with a 1 year old, I'm deserve to see how far this can go.)

I acknowledge I need to get out more.  I just want you to know that.


Bethany said...

I kind of want to be on this email list and ask someone to clean my house. Vacuum provided.

SkippyMom said...

I don't know. I think that is a very giving kind of board - and I see a lot of people on non religious boards meeting up to share a ride to a far destination. I don't find it odd at all - and actually pretty safe considering who the woman is asking.

And c'mon. Vacuums aren't cheap. Maybe she can't get out to get it fixed. And the other people on the board are probably her friends too. I know anyone in our congregation [at our old home and especially here at our new digs] would happily loan me a vacuum or a lawn mower if I had the need. Especially with this move.

I rarely [okay NEVER] disagree with you, but I think you are being a wee little bit harsh in trying to make this funny/ha ha. Sorry - I know how taxing being home all alone with a 1 year old can be, but I really, really like the idea of that board and applaud the folks who thought it up.

Take care. And um. . .can I borrow your mop? My husband left ours in the old house. And this move . . .well, I really NEED a mop loan until payday. ::wink::

The Writer said...

Alright i'll admit this entry was reaching. and i'll admit i've used it to find many babysitters. i just thought some of the requests were funny. my bad, my bad...didn't want to offend. and no, go buy your own mop!

SkippyMom said...

Oh I see how it is. I give you clicks for Top Mommy Blogger and you can't even assist in cleaning my floors?

I still can't believe my husband forgot our mop [broom, rake and shovel if we're counting - oh and the curtain rods. Really honey? Love you - annulment is an option in cases like this you know.]

No offense taken. The female readership crack regarding football surprised me more honestly. No worries. It's all good.

But no moppy, no clicky.

[and I am ssoooooo kidding]

Mariel Wirthlin said...

...... Seriously...