Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Most Honest Entry of My Life

Lately the blogging world has been messing with my mind, and if I'm honest, my heart.  So, as you may know, I'm talking to you my two readers, you are only the only ones who read this blog, and therefore, I don't expect you to leave comments.  I mean let's be honest, comments are really only left to tell the writer, "Hey, pathetic person, who feels the need to publicly share your thoughts, I read them, now shut up," or to kiss up to some person they feel they know because they read their public thoughts while waiting at a red light.  I mean, at least that's how I've been categorizing the place for comments on my blog.  Why?  Because folks, I don't receive a lot of comments in these parts, and therefore to make myself feel less pathetic for wasting spending thirty minutes a day writing these entries, I tell myself, "Kate, no comments mean you really stumped your readers into pondering what you said, so buck up, write some more, because there's someone in Norway, who is too afraid to out themselves by leaving a comment.  Write for them."  Anyway, there you go - I have an insecurity about the lack of comments.

So, a few weeks back I wrote some entries about being locked out my house and about babysitting - and BOOM goes the dynamite, I have 65 comments on those two entries.  65 comments?!  As I scrolled down and saw the number, my first thought was, "You've done it.  You've finally found a topic that resonates with people."  And then I opened up the comments to see what all the buzz was about and what did I find?  Oh just a small hacking problem to my blog.  Apparently, a locksmith website was, "...really interested in what I had to say about locks."  And then I was directed to check out their website about locksmiths.  (Cue depressing music after losing at Price is Right.) 

So, listen cyber world - leave me alone.  Hack into my personal bank account, steal my identity, but please, don't leave 65 comments.  It's too heart wrenching.


Ru said...

Ha! Yeah, that happens to all of us. I was getting like 100 emails a day for awhile there, alerting me to "comments." I just changed my security settings to refuse anonymous commenters.

William Reger said...

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and I love your view on life, love your wit, all of it. If you actually took some time developing some of these stories, you could be the next David Sedaris, if David Sedaris were straight, female, and LDS. Keep writing!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...


I agree I LOVE your blog!! You have to keep writing. I do not spend a lot of time online reading blogs anymore, unless someone tells me they have a new entry via facebook or twitter. I'm only online for little tiny spaces these days, and I wonder if other people are too. Now, with that said, your blog is pretty much the only one I will go and click on by myself without anyone telling me too. Still, it helps to know there's an update. Your titles would pull anyone in.
With that said, there are ways to use highly searched works, do tags and things of that sort that would create more buzz. Also, figure out the main focus of your blog, and get advertisers on your blog too. I'm working on getting my buns in gear for a new blog as well, and I've been doing some of this research. Maybe we can help each other!?
Keep writing, you are hilarious, witty, have a fantastic point of view...and the world needs ot hear your voice. Look on your stats and see how many people are visiting. Comments don't always mean there aren't readers. Not only are people insecure about writing public stuff on the internet, they also get thrown off by the whole 'choose and identity' thing at the bottom here at the bottom.

Rachel said...

AND, my comment may be one of the reasons people are embarrassed to post. Whereas, I'm not afraid of typos, others may be super ashamed to post anything with as many typos as the above comment!!

Steph Van Brocklin said...

Ive been reading your blog since we became friends on fb.....I think its hilarious! Always say to myself, "comment" and then get caught up in reading what I missed! I love a good blog, yours is a good one. Havent been on in awhile but I just saw your fb hopped back on!

Trimbles said...

Pity Comment... Just for you :) I do read ur blog because I think its hilarious and sometimes I just need a good laugh! :

SkippyMom said...

I have been moving to the sticks [y'know BFE?] and haven't been around much due to sketch internet, so that's why I haven't been commenting.

But in the interest of not ending up on "kissing up to [you]" list I am sure you have going I will no longer be leaving heartfelt comments telling you how funny I think you are or how cute the baby is.

Oh, sure I will still think these things. But instead I will just be the constant reminder of the locksmith posts and type random words like "keys", "locks" and such. Okay?

Take care. And even if you are flipping me the bird right now? I can't see you. Doesn't count.

[And since I am not even close to being as overtly funny or clever as you, just so you know, I am kidding. Oh darn. I did it again. It's a habit that's hard to break. Sorry.]