Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is It Chicken Or Camel?

Recently I was informed that KFC is building a restaurant in Mongolia.  Why do I care about Mongolia?  Why don't you care about random pieces of news?  Sorry, that was uncalled for.  "June Gloom" in California makes me cranky.  Just be summer already - why does every day have to start with this delay of sunshine?!  We all know it's coming.  You can quit with the unnecessary suspense!

Anyway, the reason I bring up this new piece of information is because while I lived in Mongolia (oh, yeah, if you just tuned in to this blog, I lived in Mongolia for 18 months serving a LDS mission.  And yes, this fact is always a crowd pleaser at parties.)  Again. while I was living in Mongolia the closest thing we had to fast food was this place called MacDonalds.  (Remember "Mac" that's key.)  Anyway, the day this restaurant opened a bunch of missionaries and myself raced over there to sink our teeth into some quarter pounders, fries and chicken McNuggets.  Unfortunately, all we found were cold patties of questionable meat, sweet buns, a lot of mayo...a lot...cold fries, and if my memory serves me correctly, some type of vegetable concoction on the side.  Anyway, it was disgusting and yes, we did eat there about 8-10 times, always hoping that one day it would actually taste right, before McDonald's found out about it and shut it down.  After that it was back to eating loaves of bread and snickers for lunch.

Anyway, I hope that KFC is actually Kentucky Fried Chicken and not Genghis Khan's Famous Camel.  Because if it was...well, I would have only eaten there five times.

What?  Spoiler Alert: Mongolian Barbecue DOES NOT EXIST.  Again, DOES NOT EXIST.  No one is over there with some giant wok asking you if you want to add noodles to your filet and broccoli. Instead, you have the choice of sheep, fat of sheep, or sheep meat on bones that were left under someone's bed.


Heather said...

There's no such thing as real Mongolian BBQ!?! You kind of just shattered my world.

Trimbles said...

Wait... I like sheep...