Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Kitten Bites The Dust

So, lately, to either torment me or to cause me to find him not attractive at all, the husband has started insisting on watching old re-runs of Star Trek at night. At first, I thought he was kidding, but the habit has persisted. Tonight, I couldn't take it and had to resort to torturing him with tickling. I know, it sounds childish, but my husband crumbles at even the mention of tickling.

So, there I was, tickling the crap out of him, when he screamed out, "I swear every time you tickle me God kills a kitten!!"

I had to stop.

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Ian said...

I try to take some consolation in the knowledge that I'm not the only guy whose wife inflicts relentless tickling for punishment/persuasive/entertainment purposes. We should band together somehow. Maybe get a telethon.