Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That's Camp Director To You

On Sunday, I was named the new camp director for our church. Apparently, the first girl they chose decided her life was too "complicated" and needed someone to take over. (Because this is right up there with curing cancer.)

For those of you not of my faith, let me give you a little description of what this means. First, I have to create and coordinate a week long camp, that is semi-religious and semi-fun, for 4o girls. Second, I have to attend this camp I created, and try to maintain that semi-religious angle. And third, I have to enjoy this experience. (Actually, number three might be optional.) So, what were my thoughts on this new calling? Well, here's what was going on in my mind:

Thought 1: These people do know that last year, when I attended camp, I spent most of my time taking notes so I could sarcastically criticize and report about it on this blog when I got home?

Thought 2: My first act as camp director is going to be abolishing all camp songs and singing during the week.

Thought 3: Abolishing singing will probably ensure that this is a one time deal. Definitely going after the singing.

Thought 4: I'm definitely moving next year.

Thought 5: I'm stealing the golf cart on day 1, from the fatties of last year, who drove their carts to their camp sites and back so they didn't have to walk ten feet.

Thought 6: I can't wait to see them hold out their thumbs for a ride as I whiz by.

Thought 7: This will actually be cool.

Thought 8: Stop trying to sound all positive just so God will think you are a good person and give you a baby.

Thought 9: If I get pregnant before camp do I have to go?

Thought 10: Probably not. Crap.

Thought 11: What about naming the camp: Camp Kate? Too much...?

And yes, there will be more entries as we get closer to camp.

The above picture is the chair I plan on bringing to camp. I really want to impress upon the girls who is in charge.


SkippyMom said...

We still laugh about your hockey camp stories - so we are waiting with baited breath for all your thoughts [that you wish] to come true.

And if they thumbs out, hitch hike - two points for a "clip". Five points if you "accidentally" knock them over.*


*Of course, in the interest of the no harm, no foul rule - if you accidentally hurt one of them that would be a negative score. Sorry.

Kjelstrom Family said...

WHAT?! You are the Stake Camp Director?? Kate! We must talk more of this tonight. I need details. (I almost feel off my chair laughing).

Kendra said...

I'm with Natalie - what?! STAKE camp director? Oh... no....

Lara Fisher said...

I, for one, couldn't love this news more! In fact, before I left I said, "you know Van S, the only thing I wish is that Kate had more responsibilities. And if there were only a way we could make her responsible for MORE people. I don't feel like her current calling is pushing her enough." :)

P.S. My Italian brother in law has direct access to all the chalases and canes that the Pope uses.. I would like to see if we can't incorporate that into your persona for the week.

amyhick said...

wow. I am so sorry. Have fun with that. Camping- not my thing. :)I think the handbook says you go directly to the celestial kingdom after planning girls camp.

Rachel said...

Kate, these girls could not be more lucky to have you. Finally-no camp songs!!
LOL! Wish you the best there...come over this week and tell me all your plans!