Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Belt of Experiences

I would say there are only a handful of times I truly thought I was going to die. For example, there was the time an angry Mongolian tried to throw a rock into my head for not paying a $2.00 cab fare. Another time, while snowshoeing, I slid down the face of a mountain and miraculously flipped over a stump, that would have definitely left me in two pieces or seriously disfigured. And of course, who can forget, the car accident I survived in D.C., while laying in the back of my parent's station wagon with no seat belt? (Which also happened to be the week I got my period - so I guess, God was feeling like I had had enough bad news that week.)

Anyway, I'm happy to report that I now have another notch I can whittle in my "near death experiences" belt. (Which happens to be something I only wear on special occasions.) A few weeks ago, Paco (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband) and I visited a little place called Cancun. While there, Paco and I decided to go scuba diving. Now, I'll admit I was sort of nervous about this activity, but Paco, who is certified, assured me that as long as I didn't hold my breath I would have a great time...and not die.

So, there I was, sitting in a rocking boat, trying to convince myself that the 20 minute video I watched, and the 30 minutes I stood in a pool with our instructor, was going to be enough to ensure my safety under water, when all of the sudden a wave of nausea swept over me. Have you ever gotten off a roller coaster and then been sucker punched in the stomach? No? Me either, but I have a pretty good idea of how that would feel. Words cannot explain how badly I wanted to ralph my buffet breakfast, but here's the thing - 1. We paid for this activity and I'm just too frugal to waste that money. 2. I have always prided myself on being just a little tougher than most girls, so sea sickness was not going to stop me. and 3. Did I mention we had already paid for the day?

So, foolishly, I strapped on my tank, jumped in the water and headed 30 feet down. I wish I could tell you that once under water everything went swimmingly, but I don't put notches in my belt for nothing. After about 10 minutes of being under water I quickly realized that I was either going to throw up under water, drown from throwing up under water or get the bends from rocketing up to the surface so I could throw up. As these scenarios played out in my head, I started to panic and then I committed the cardinal sin of holding my breath. Now I'm really starting to panic. Finally, after making several unsuccessful signals to Paco about my stomach (which were always responded with pointing to fish and then giving me the thumbs up sign) I grabbed the fin of my instructor, pointed to my stomach, and while channeling my inner mime, tried to describe an atomic bomb. Again, she didn't seem to get it, so I decided the only thing I could do was head for the surface. And so up I went.

As soon as I broke the surface, I grabbed my air piece and started to throw up. The rest is sort of a blur. I remember waves hitting me in the face as I was throwing up, and thinking that maybe I had died and gone to hell because only such a place would throw waves at you as you are trying to vomit. Then I remember fish attacking me, which if you think a little harder about this detail you might figure out what attracted them to me. (No, it wasn't my shiny blond hair.) Then I remember a bunch of boats and people getting ready to snorkel. Can you imagine? Just as you are about to enjoy a fun filled day of seeing fish and coral a crazy chick flies up out of the water throwing up? Bet they didn't know that was included in their package. And lastly, I remember my instructor asking where Paco was. Apparently, he hadn't gotten the message and was still on the bottom of the ocean watching his wife get attacked by fish.

Anyway, I finally made my way over to our boat, got my stuff off and collapsed - and as you probably already guessed, the ride back was nothing short of pure torture.

So, there you have it. Mexican scuba diving- 1 Kate - 0.



SkippyMom said...

Oh sweetie - I am so sorry [but have to admit to giggling, just a little, I swear, at the thought of the fish attacking you.]

If it is any consolation I too consider myself a tough chick [at least I used to] and the only time I was sea sick was on a deep sea fishing trip with my husband. I had been on boats my whole life, but I was under the bench the entire trip, while he enjoyed himself. OH - I was sick.

Turns out - I was pregnant. It wasn't morning sickness - I was fine on land [once we found out] and I am fine on boats now, but that day? Not so much.

Maybe? Hugs to you and glad you are back safe and sound.

Ru said...

Wow. If I didn't already know we were related, this would have made me sure.

I totally got seasick while snorkeling in the Bahamas. No, getting in the water didn't help me either. Yes, the little fishies loved it. No, the other snorkelers did not.

Kendra said...

oh no, how awful! glad you're ok!

Frosty said...

Haha, I love that "Ru" posted about being related due to a similar experience. (I also love that our family has no shame). . .I was definitely a witness to her moment and almost felt guilty for having a stomach of steel. Must have come from my mom's side.
Glad you're okay. Hope you got some sweet pampering from Paco after that ordeal.

Kjelstrom Family said...

Yuck! That sounds terrible. Stay away from scuba diving..or the breakfast buffet from now on. No more notches in your belt.

Andrea J said...

Poor Kate, that sounds miserable. In case you ever scuba dive again, you can throw up into your mouth piece, people do it all the time. Then you'd have to grab Paco's and buddy breath.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that makes me nauseous to hear about. So glad you're OK. Scary! Sorry I missed you in SLC.

Rachel said...

'Only such a place would throw waves at your face while trying to vomit'...the fish attack??? LOL!!!
Oh my gosh. This is the worst and best thing I have heard in a very long time. Listen honey-diving sucks. Stephen actually had a near death experience-he used to dive all the time, and now---NO more. It's so freaky. Sea sickness? Oh my gosh-I'm green in the FIRST freaking minute. I hear ya. I'm really sorry-but you made me laugh so, so hard. I love your blog. I just really love your blog.

Anonymous said...

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