Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Dawg in Town

I have an amazing aunt, who through sheer determination, has managed to win ridiculous amounts of contests. To be honest, I have no idea what her secret is. I don't know if she stuffs boxes with her name, bribes people in back rooms, has ESP or was born on some lucky day, but this woman has the touch. I think, and please cousins correct me if I'm wrong, but she has managed to win shopping sprees, trips and even a life size statue of Ja Ja Binks from Star Wars. There is nothing this woman can't do. For years, I lived in the shadow of this great and lucky woman, but today is my day of luck.

In January, my manager informed me that the top two sellers of a "Frequent Diner" promotion, from each restaurant in our district, would be entered into a contest to win an all expense paid trip to either Paris or Madrid. Now, I'm competitive, but not necessarily lucky, so I decided I would sell the promotions (I mean, you got cash for each one you sold) and then congratulate who ever won the trip. Little did I know that today my manager would call me and say, "Kate are sitting down?" To which, I would reply, "Why, am I being fired?"* And she would say, "Um, no. Actually, I'm calling because you won the trip to either Madrid or Paris!"

So yeah, Aunt Linda, move over - there's a new lucky dawg in town and this one is going to Paris for free!

I am planning on taking Little Napoleon (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband), but if he comes down with a case of the "I gotta work" please submit a 500 word essay on why you feel lucky enough to go with me. All submissions should be submitted before May 1st and please include a picture if you are between 25-30 years old and a male.

* I don't exactly steal money out of the register, but I have been known to eat a good deal of pastries.


JoAnn said...

WOW, what a great prize! Lucky you. Nice b'day gift.

Hope Little Napoleon is able to make it.

Ru said...

Ummm, can I just say, when I saw that picture of the hideous Jar Jar statute in someone else's house, for a second I was like, "Did mom give it away? Did Kate TAKE IT? Yay! And why?"

And then I read the rest of the post. Hahahaha, congrats on your trip! My mom would be proud. ;)

janayjake said...

my essay is forthcoming...

Em said...

My Essay, by Emily.

We would judge all of Europe, and be right.

The end.

ashley said...

Me me me me me me me!!!!

I speak French. That is a lie, but I would learn to go on this trip.

David said he'll watch George. Great. I'll go pack my bags.