Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decisions To Be Made

There are just some things we should have worked out ahead of time. For example, if you ever get the impulse to rob a bank, where are you going to hide the money and lay low until the heat dies down? Or if your child is not cute what are you going to say is his best trait so he doesn't grow up with a complex? And what would you do if you had to kill a man? Would you go for a good strangle or sharp object? You got to decide.

Unfortunately, I can't fully answer those above scenarios (though I'm working on them), but the other night, on my birthday, I was at least able to fill in one blank to a very important question. What's that question? (And how many times can I write the word "question" in one paragraph?)

Well: If you were on death row what would be your last meal?

My Answer: Maestros, Beverly Hills, CA. 12 oz filet with bone in, mashed potatoes and grilled mushrooms.

You laugh, but I'm not kidding, after eating this meal I was ready and prepared to say good-bye.

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Elisa said...

that made me happy just looking at it-so inconsistent...love animals, love to eat them