Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Luck Has Run Out

For the past few weeks I've been experiencing amazing luck. First, Duke won the National Championship (which of course, as an alumni I take full credit for). Second of all, I won a freaking free trip to Paris. Free. Third of all, I got pulled over for making an illegal U-Turn (which apparently is a $350 ticket) and was let go because I work at the restaurant the cop happens to love. And fourth of all, I found a $5 bill randomly on the ground while shopping. Sure it's not $100, but it paid for my freeee lunch.

Anyway, as amazing as all these events have been I'm sad to report my luck has officially run out. Today at church, I was informed I get the pleasure, no the honor, of taking our three teenage girls to camp in August. Yep, you are now reading the blog of the official camp director for my church. And how cool is it going to be? Well, when I was told about the new assignment I was warned about three things. 1. The camp we'll be attending (which by the way, is where they filmed M.A.S.H.) has a ridiculous amount of bugs. (awesome) 2. The girls need to learn how to make fire, tie knots and how to make food over fire before they go. (I'll be shortly introducing them to a lighter, duct tape and dried fruit) and 3. I'll also be expected to attend about ten meetings before we go, and ONCE we are there I need to construct "activities." (I hope the kids will enjoy "quiet Nap time" and "Don't talk to Kate for an hour.")

Mannnn...things were going so well.

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