Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing With the Boys

Each Thursday night John (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband) talks me into playing pick-up basketball at our church with a bunch of guys. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing basketball, but being the only girl on the court can be a little scary. For example, it's a little terrifying when a 6"4, 200 plus man, puts his head down and drives to the basket. I know, Mr. White (my black high school basketball coach) would demand (well, more say in a post 1960 weed black out sort of way) "Now come on, get in that paint and stop the ball." I always made it a habit to follow the wise counsel of my basketball coach, but then again, I also would like to bare children one day.

The other scary part about playing with boys, is that they not only smell when they run around, but get incredibly sweaty. Last night I was guarding one guy who basically had sweat through his entire shirt. Each time I touched him, I subconsciously wiped my hand on my shirt and tried to stop the gag reflex. When I got home I felt like I had been swimming in a pool of sweaty bodies. (How's that image treatin' ya?)

Anyway, on the flip side I must admit that is fun to play, and occasionally, (after about 25 shots) make a couple. Let's just hope I don't die from being knocked into the wall or contracting some rare sweat related disease.

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