Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Confess...

I've always considered myself a non-addictive person.  For example, when I drank in high school I only did it for a year.  I kid.  It was only six months and then I was introduced to pot.  Sorry, it's a Thursday morning and my attempts at sarcasm are falling flat.  And Mom I never did those things.

So, anyway, I never did drugs, I never had the urge to eat an entire sheet cake, I never found myself on "questionable" websites, and I never ran 30 miles in a day because of the endorphins that were so overwhelming.  Truly on the outside I appear to be a very non-addictive person.  

However, for the past few weeks I've realized I do indeed have some severe addictions.  I think the first step to recovery is admitting  you have a problem.  So, if you will indulge me, here are some of the things I'm fighting, but losing the battle to:

1. Cereal.  Could there be anything more wonderful than cereal?  Honestly, I'm completely obsessed with it.  Typically, in one morning I eat two huge bowls and then have to actually say out loud, "Kate, you have had enough" while I (with a shaky hand) wash out my bowl.  

2. Reality TV.  I'll watch anything.  If you put a super nanny, a gay clown, an inspiring chef, a blind piano player and a talking dog together, and told them to build a tree fort in 20 minutes for a family, who lost their home in Katrina, I would not only watch it, but blog about it.

3. Gossip Websites.  Every morning I try to tell myself to read the news, learn something new and be an adult.  Unfortunately, after five minutes of reading about the stimulus plan battle, I can't fight the urge any longer to find out if, indeed, Chris Brown really hit Rihanna.  I swear I wouldn't know if Russia was blown up unless Brad Pitt was shooting a movie there during the time of the blast.

So, I know in the grand scheme of things these addictions don't seem that bad.  I mean, I know I didn't write things like, Twilight, cocaine or Miley Cyrus, but these are real struggles people.


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