Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call?

So, I'm pretty convinced that we have a ghost in our apartment. No, I'm not covered in green slime, or have I seen a floating woman in our kitchen, but something very strange keeps happening. On each side of our bed are these awesome touch lamps. (You know the kind that you touch to either brighten or turn off). Anyway, lately, while we are asleep or away from the apartment, they turn on by themselves. It completely freaks me out to come home and see the light on, or wake up in the middle of the night to this mysterious lamp. The other night I woke up twice to this eerie light and eventually had to pull the plug...oh, and sleep with one eye open.

I know what you are's not a ghost, but just an innocent malfunction. I wish I could agree, but among the many abnormal things about me, I also have a very acute paranoia in regards to anything supernatural, anything fictionally displayed in a movie, any article I read about a real murder, anything terrifying I see in a trailer for a movie, any story I invent when I see a crazed homeless person outside my home, any scary story told around ANY campfire and every comment Dan makes to scare me. I'm utterly a little girl when it comes to anything borderline scary.

So, say what you will, but I'm convinced. Dan agrees with me. (Or is just trying to play on my abnormal paranoia...)

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