Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Monkey or The Ring

As I mentioned before, recently, I made a huge step in my marriage by taking my husband's name. For this kind, though slightly late, gesture, I have asked my husband to return the favor and get a wedding ring. Well, this has actually been an ongoing request, but I think the name change has finally given me some leverage.

It's not that Dan has never owned a ring. For the first six months of our marriage Dan sported a stylish wedding ring from Walmart. (A day before our wedding we realized in the craziness of getting married we neglected to order or find Dan a ring. Therefore, while running errands we made a fateful detour into Walmart, and after refusing to get a ring with the Mexican flag on it, we chose a simple symbol of our love. Unfortunately, six months later, while surfing, Dan's ring came flying off. He claims he was bringing things full circle because he was surfing where we went before we got engaged. What can I say I married a sentimental man?

Anyway, now more than a year later, I can't get him to get a new ring. First, it was we were saving for a boat. Then it was the fact he likes to, "keep his options open when traveling," and then he was thinking of investing in a lucrative talking monkey. (Okay, I made that last one up, but I'm sure he'll use it at some point.)

So, the other night I finally made him look at rings online. Here gives you an idea of what I'm dealing with. This is the ring he liked because he said, "I have a heritage to represent." (For those of you not of the Scottish background, these rings are from the Celtic line.)

Oh and he wanted to engrave, "Are you happy now?"

...The Scottish can be so stubborn.

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