Monday, August 25, 2008

A Weekend With The Family

Last night we returned from a fun filled weekend with my family. As always an extra hour was added to our trip because of the Fruit Inspection Station. I'm sorry, I absolutely despise this place, and I swear, I will one day get out of my car and sucker punch one of those idiotic attendants. I mean seriously, if this inspection station was stopping people from bringing in different forms of cancer or radioactive meat, I would fully support it and wait patiently in line. BUT, to be stopped just so you can be waved through...frustrates me beyond words.

Anyway, (sorry for the outburst) I would have to say the highlight of the weekend was watching my sweet mama conquer The Narrows at Zions National Park. Prior to entering the trail I think my mom was a little nervous, but by the end she was an absolute pro. Here's some pictures of our adventure.
Here's Barb entering The Narrows.
Three generations of Soulier Women. (From left to right) Annie, Elisa, Kate, Mom
It looks like I'm helping her...but, really I think I've fallen in The Narrows about a 100 times.

My second favorite part of the trip was this...a picture really does say a thousand words.
My third favorite of the trip was hanging with Baby A. (Who is actually sponsored by Nike...yes, everything she is wearing is Nike)

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Heidi Louise said...

I think it looks like you wet your pants in most of your pictures... lucky for you... you can blame it on the water you are walking through!

Oh and I think you should change your blog name to "Dan and Kate plus 8"... all you need are 6 kids. Angelina and Brad can do it... so can you!