Thursday, February 18, 2010

Men and Lacrosse

This Picture is me telling the subject of my entry to hit the road...

Last weekend my team traveled up to Santa Barbara for a lacrosse tournament and managed to walk away 0-4. 0-4. I honestly can't say if we'll win a game this year. It's not that my team is particularly bad. I just believe, with all my heart, that all the teams we played this past weekend were actually doping, and some actually had men on their teams. No, I don't have any substantial evidence to back up these claims, but I'm sticking with that story, and yes, it helps me sleep at night.

Anyway, after our first loss on Saturday, I gave my girls the "we still have three more games" pep talk, and ran away to play in a post-collegiate game. (I just needed to hit someone with a stick and not be arrested for it.) As I walked back from my game I had to encounter numerous coaches, who I've had the pleasure* of interacting with over the course of fours years at Pepperdine. All of them consist of 30-35 year old men, who may or may not of actually played lacrosse at some point in their lives, decked out from head to toe in their school paraphernalia, holding a lacrosse stick (like that will instantly give them credibility), and who find it NOT at all weird that they hang out with a bunch of college girls AND never receive a paycheck for it. I absolutely loathe these men. I loathe them because 1. they think we are equals. We are not equals. I played lacrosse and now coach it. They watched a video on Youtube and now think they are experts. If I hear one more of them tell me something about Duke or a real Division I team I'm going to murder someone. Just because you subscribe to Lacrosse Magazine doesn't mean you ever wore a skirt and played our sport. 2. Their life is lacrosse. They recruit. They go to practice and they go to games. This would be great if they actually got paid for it, or if they could actually offer scholarships, or if this WASN'T CLUB LACROSSE! 3. And this is probably the worst part. Their teams win. I hate it. It makes me feel like maybe I should start watching more Youtube clips and going unemployed.

I swear, this season is going to either kill me or leave me with the biggest chip on my shoulder.

* When I say pleasure, I mean, more in the sense of pouring vinegar in my eyes.

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