Sunday, February 21, 2010

If Only

As I mentioned in my last entry, my team had a rather "difficult" weekend playing lacrosse up in Santa Barbara. What I failed to mention was that, while my team was getting worked on the field, I was getting worked off the field. What do I mean? Well, before our second game started on Saturday, I realized someone had stolen my stick. Yeah, not only did we drive two hours to get killed by creepy men, but I also had to endure petty theft. It was in a nutshell the perfect weekend.

Anyway, because I had a game to coach and because there was about a thousand people at this tournament I had no chance to search for my beloved stick. Therefore, the following day I looked over the schedule and found out who had played on our field after our first crushing defeat. I had narrowed it down to two suspects (well, two teams with many conniving suspects) and set out to find my stick. I first went to the University of Texas's sideline, which of course, was absolutely covered in that burnt orange color and longhorns were strewn everywhere. (I swear, is their food at the cafeteria all dyed in burnt orange?)

Anyway, after not finding my stick there, I headed over to my second suspect's sideline: The University of Oregon. As inconspicuously as possible, I leisurely walked along their sideline. As I reached the end of their bags I saw my stick lying on top of a pile of other sticks. (Probably other ones these kleptomaniacs had stolen) After looking both ways, I quickly grabbed my stick and started to walk away.

Now here's where I fail in this story...I WALKED AWAY. QUIETLY. I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!! Why am I such a weenie? I might as well of said, "Excuse me, Oregon. Sorry to bother you during your game. Um, I think you stole my stick yesterday. Yeah, it's right here. Um, I'm going, I'm sorry for not holding on to it tighter, I'm going to take it back. Yeah, no. Good luck this weekend. Yeah, thanks." I swear, there are only a few moments in life I wish I could take back. (ex: cutting my hair really short my junior year in college and then sporting a mullet for the rest of the year while it grew out) I wish I would have said something like:

Kate: "Hey Oregon, is this your stick?"
Some Stupid Duck: "Yeah, it's mine."
Kate: (While charging her with a knife - it's my scenario) "Oh, so you are the (insert derogatory name) that stole my stick!!"
Some Stupid Duck: "Here's my wallet. Take everything inside of it."
Kate: (While throwing the wallet to the ground and grabbing her jersey) "Getta out here. You ain't worth it."

THEN I walk away...

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bfsoul said...

I'm so sorry.....I think I participated in your developing into a weenie! M