Monday, August 13, 2012


Oh the irony of, as I mentioned in my last entry, I'm a tad nervous about my impending labor and worry that my baby will decide to come while I'm driving my car or when I'm at the grocery store.  So, what happens later that day?  A customer from the restaurant calls me and asks if I would like to be an extra on the show The Exes, starring Newman from Seinfeld, Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock From The Sun and Donald Faison from Scrubs.  Apparently, they need pregnant people to be in the background for a scene at a Lamaze class.  Now, here's what's so freaking ironic about this whole thing:

1. I'm scared to leave my house and now I'm considering driving to the valley and spending the day at the CBS lot.

2. I NEVER TOOK A FREAKING CLASS and now I would be taking a fake Lamaze class from 11-5...with a bunch of actors.  (I wonder if I would actually learn anything.)

I might do it.  It would be cool if a fake doctor delivered my baby and Newman and Kristen Johnston became the kid's new uncle and aunt. 

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SkippyMom said...

Go for it. You are never further than a cellphone call away from the nearest hospital. Don't worry about the baby coming at an unexpected time - even if she does show up en route to your job, trust me - you'll both get to where you need to be for a safe and healthy birth.

Pre jitters is normal [I guess?] with the first one - Heck, after my due date came and I hadn't delivered my boss [single guy] insisted I not come back to work until after the baby was born. HE had the jitters. I worked until the day before they induced me, never know. They do what they want. Just try to relax and enjoy, okay? [Easier said than done, I'm sure].

Take care! And I can't wait to see you on TV. :D