Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just A Normal Wednesday

Picture this:

I'm sitting on the couch, not showered, wearing sweats, eating a sandwich with a bag of open pretzels on the coffee table, while watching Cougar Town (yeah, I like the show.) In my kitchen are two dirty pots from the soup I've eaten on Monday and Tuesday night, an open bag of cheese on the counter, because I'm having a cheese sandwich and obviously didn't have the adequate strength to put the cheese away, a bottle of mustard, an empty box of cereal and a bag of trash on the floor. My bathroom is a mixture of last night's mail, that apparently the husband didn't have strength to put on the table outside, toothbrushes and discarded toothpaste. Fortunately, I'm happy to report the bed is made, but is covered in wires and pictures from a project I'm working on.

Now, you would admit this is not a state you would want anyone to see, right? Well, while I was sprawled on the couch, chopping away on my sandwich, the door opened and two men walked in to check my smoke detectors.

What did I do? Exactly, what any self respecting woman would have done...I started to sniffle and cough...I mean, only someone who is desperately sick would live in this type of environment...or a woman, who hasn't seen her husband since Sunday.

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Kendra said...

that would be quite a scene to walk in on!