Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living in the 90403

The past couple of weeks Larry Appleton (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband) and I have been looking for a new apartment. Our only criteria has been the following: Santa Monica, 2 parking spaces and a dishwasher. Sounds like that would be an easy fit. Well, not where we live. Last weekend I went and saw a bedroom apartment for $2,400 a month. (Yes, for those of you not living in California I did write $2,400.) Here's what I encountered at this "luxury" apartment listing: the elevator didn't work, the door looked like a crazy bear had tried to break it open, the front room sported a delightful blue spot about the size of my face, there was only 1 closet and when I opened the refrigerator, I definitely smelled something like cat urine...definitely cat.

I swear Santa Monica for $2,400 I better see a dancing bear serving waffles, a hot tub in the 2nd bathroom, an included cleaning service and car wash each month and a talking squirrel that does my dishes.


Ru said...

Make that squirrel British, and you've got a deal!

No, seriously, that's stunningly expensive. I think it may have broken my Utah brain.

Frosty said...

I know this may be a little late, but may be useful for future reference. I learned (don't ask where or why) that smells of cat urine may, in fact, be residual meth lab scent. So while equally offensive, very possibly more harmful. Surprisingly useful information, right?