Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Locker Room Etiquette

I don't know if anyone has ever discussed this issue with gym owners, but let me shed some light on female locker rooms: About 99.9% of females don't enjoy being naked around other females. (The other .1% are typically European or grossly confident Exhibitionists.) So, please, people, build some changing rooms. That way I wouldn't have to walk into the locker room to use the bathroom and see some old woman's butt staring back at me. I swear seeing a bare and saggy butt before working out is like eating a chili cheese dog before running a marathon. It just ain't pretty and after about 30 seconds of running I promise, no matter how strong you think you are, you are going to vomit.

And lastly, might I just add a little word to you .1%, who insist on breaking the female code and undressing out in the open: Please for everyone involved, go into a bathroom stall, put up warning tape, change in your car or don't go to the gym. I don't want to see it and, trust me, us 99.9% don't want to either.


Laura said...

Kate Soulier has a blog. My day has been made, officially.

JoAnn said...

And of course if Laura found this blog, so did I.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nudity in a locker room - SHOCKER!

I never have been able to understand peoples' problem with it. I don't prance around naked for extended periods of time, but I really don't get it when I drop the towel for all of two minutes just to get changed.

Meh, you'll live. I'd just advise you not to come to Europe. Countries like Germany have huge communal locker rooms, as in, one shared by men women and children.


Anonymous said...

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