Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adventures in the Public Library

At the moment I'm in the library working on one of the personal computers the library offers for free porn and anarchy research. Why I am here? (Other than trying to contract the flu from this germ coated mouse?) Well, for some reason during the day our internet at home has decided not to work..and since I spend probably 66.8% of my day surfing the net (all work related, of course) I thought I would come down here and get my daily fix. However, after watching a man literally eat a coffee cup...yes, the entire, not drink the coffee inside...but eat the actual paper I think I'll be headed home a little sooner than I thought. Oh and the fact that a man behind me has turned around in his chair and is trying to read my screen. TURN AROUND CRAZY MAN! If you don't hear from me again...well, you'll know I was taken out at the Santa Monica public library.

p.s. I would like to add an addition to my last post "The Biggest Loser." I too agree that Heba is the spawn of Satan and the fact that they went after Philip and his wife just proves how evil they are.

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