Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Viva La Coldplay

Last night we attended the opening night of Coldplay's World Tour. (It was my birthday gift to Dan...and a little birthday gift to me). To be honest, I didn't know what to expect with this concert. Apparently, a few weeks ago Coldplay held a free concert at Madison Square Garden, and according to the reviews, they were not only at times out of tune, but appeared unrehearsed. Fortunately, for us this was not the case. For 90 minutes Coldplay put on an amazing concert. They rocked their hits, scaled down some songs for more intimate versions, and even ran up the aisle to a little stage located in the "cheap seats" and played an acoustic version of "Yellow." The sound was great in the Forum (even though the parking cost us 20 bucks), the band was gracious and the stage effects made the show. I have to say concerts can be very telling - you can either leave a concert hating a band or loving them. I think I'm now a lifetime fan of Coldplay.

Side thought: On the way home we were cruising down the 405 when all of the sudden we saw this cop come flying down an on ramp. He started to swerve back and forth along the lanes. Consequently, everyone slowed down and waited for either this drunk cop to pull over and give himself a DUI test or hit a median. Apparently, this pace car was getting traffic to slow down for on-coming construction. I like the drunk idea better, but Dan said if I didn't tell the real reason the cop was swerving he would expose my embellishment. Happy Dan?

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