Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Not Working Today

At the moment I'm staring at a floor covered in what I like to call "our weekend." Whenever we return from a weekend away our front room becomes a landmine of clothes, laundry, cameras and shoes. Typically, I have the energy on Monday morning to put all this chaos away, but today, I only feel motivated to lay on the couch and sleep until Dan gets home.

The reasons for this extreme case of lethargy are due to the after effects of coaching a lacrosse clinic on Thursday, biking 4o miles over two days, surfing on Saturday morning and filming my sister-in-law's wedding. (Oh, and eating everything that wasn't nailed down).

Here are some shots of the lovely bride and me filming her in my awesome dress. (I've filmed weddings before...doing it in a little black dress and heels, now that was a different experience.)

I finally put on shorts after flashing most of the wedding party and unsuspecting kids at the beach.

I would also like to thank Dan for being patient with my constant, "Danny...over here."... You were a wonderful grip.

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Jaime said...

way to go scaring the little kids at the beach. please tell me that you love, love, loved llcoolj's performance the other night. oh baby!