Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tales of Commuting

I've noticed that individuals commuting on bikes fall into three categories. 1. Homeless 2. Young people trying to be "green" 3. "Spanish speaking people" Fortunately, for me I've had some pretty cool run ins with each of these groups.

"The Homeless Encounter"
1. While parking my bike outside of the grocery store a homeless man struck up a conversation with me about my brakes. He told me that while riding from the shelter in Venice he finds his brakes take a while to start working. He then asked me if I knew the shelter on Sunset Blvd. For a moment I thought, "Does this guy think I'm homeless too because I'm riding a bike?" or "Does he think I'm homeless because I didn't shower that day?"

"The Green Encounter"
2. While riding to get some dinner Dan and I passed a biker wearing a fluorescent green jacket (with reflectors all over it), a white helmet (with a headlamp around it) and a flashing red light on the back of her bike. When she saw Dan and I riding with no reflectors or helmets she yelled, "You are both going to die. Helmet, Helmet. You are going to die." I wanted to thank her for the warnings...but I just couldn't see her.

"Mi Encounter Loco"
3. Yesterday I rode my bike from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills to get my hair done. While waiting for a light to change at the intersection of Wilshire and Rodeo Drive a group of Spanish speaking men rode up. Their faces looked absolutely shocked to see me on a bike. It was like they all were thinking, "Senorita, this is our mode of travel not yours." (Well, they probably thought the whole thing in Spanish, but "senorita" is the only thing I can remember from high school).

All I can say is again, get out on your bikes. You never know what you'll see or who you'll meet.


BagLady said...

uhhh, its mi ENCUENTRO loco. where'd you serve, Mongolia or something?

frances said...

oh dear. i wear a white helmet. bad choice?

david said...

your three categories of bike commuters is terribly limiting.

i object.

what about an incisive discussion on "roadies."

aka, people who ride 200 miles in a day on their bike for "recreation", and then hop in their hummer for a two mile trip to rent The DaVinci Code.