Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have officially declared this summer to be a "No Car Summer." I hereby declare that I refuse to get in a car unless I'm going to church or anything beyond 20 miles of my home. For those of you not from California, gas prices are drawing very close to 5 dollars a gallon and I'm havin' nothing of it. Now before you get worried this is not going to turn into political diatribe because, let's be honest, unless the government takes away my DVR and my Russian music site, where I buy songs for 20 cents, I'm pretty much apolitical. Yet, as apolitical as I am I'm also deeply frugal, and therefore, I'm riding for the rest of the summer. Therefore, my new friend is my new commuter Schwinn bike. It absolutely rocks. I love riding it so much I even signed up for doing some service for a girl in my ward just so I could fly by traffic and ride to the other side of town. Heck, I might even do my visiting teaching this month.

Come on people - get on your bikes!! And email me if you want to know the coolest site for downloading cheap music. (I Heart Mother Russia)


BagLady said...

i do need that site...give it.

Em said...

Just be careful with your karma...I don't want you crashing anymore.

Heidi Louise said...

Hey you commie... just promise you will wear a helmet o.k.!