Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Darn Postal Service

Remember how thoughtful my Dad was on my birthday? Remember when I called him and he didn't wish me a Happy Birthday until I told him today was my birthday? Well, my Dad had another moment of love.

Sunday was Father's Day. So, like a good daughter I called my Dad and wished him a heartfelt Happy Father's Day. He was suffering from some food poisoning, and so after a report on his latest up chuck, I told him to have a great night. Yesterday, he called me and said, "Katherine, I need to apologize." I then responded, "What did you do?" He then said, "Yesterday, I was mad at you, but then today I got your Father's Day card and so I'm not mad at you anymore." I then said, "Um, sorry I couldn't get the card to you on Sunday...you know that darn postal service." My Dad then said, "Yeah, maybe next year. Anyway, thanks."

No Daddy...thank you.

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