Monday, June 30, 2008


This weekend was an absolute blast from the past. As I mentioned before, on Friday I hung out with my old teammate Ashley, who may be back with Mr. Eckhart - sooo, I still might find the answer to my burning question about Godly Sorrows. Also, after I saw Ms. Wick, my best friend and teammate, Finn, happened to be in Santa Monica as well. Therefore, after a nostalgic run with Ashley, Finn and I hung out and she finally met my Danny.
Finn, like Ashley, is another fascinating person from my past. I first met Finn on my recruiting trip at Duke. I remember talking to her about how much alcohol they were probably going to make us consume that night, while we sat and watched the football team get destroyed. I think I told her I didn't drink so she offered me her lemonade. (I guess she figured I was going to be dehydrated that night). Anyway, over the next four years we became extremely tight. She helped me through some very difficult times and made me laugh more times than I can count.

My favorite time with Finn would have to be the last night we were together as roommates. It was an extremely depressing time because the previous day we had not only graduated, but we had lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament. (This could be an entirely different blog entry, but take my word for it, I've been heartbroken only a couple of times and this was definitely one of those times).

I remember we were sitting out on our porch for the last time, and again, going through the miserable game. Underneath our apartment lived two men lacrosse players. I had known these morons since I was a freshmen and I held absolutely no love for them. The night before our game and graduation these rocket scientists had thrown a party that went until the morning. I remember looking out my window at about three in the morning and seeing a bunch of guys with no shirts on throwing a keg over the fence. I think it was some kind of ritual to show how gay they were? (I'm rusty on my ritualistic practices). Anyway, that night we didn't sleep a second, and I still believe, they were responsible for our demise on the field. I know I should let it go, but I still hope they all die. (too much?)

Anyway, as Finn and I were discussing the game, we could hear underneath us another party beginning. After an hour of drinking, dancing, wrestling and shaving a couple of heads, the party moved to another house. All that was left was a skipping CD playing "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones. As we heard the door close Finn and I got up, went to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk, a bottle of wine, some ice cream and pickles. We then went downstairs to break into their apartment. Unfortunately, the door was locked, but we could see their patio door was open. So, we walked around the complex and from the woods we threw the carton of milk, the bottle of wine and the ice cream into the apartment. I can't describe the pleasure and joy I felt as I heard the milk splash onto the floor. Sort of like when a child laughs - It was beautiful. We then climbed into their apartment and emptied the rest of our contents onto the couches, beds and kitchen counters. We then found eggs...eggs can be so much fun. For the first time since losing our game I couldn't stop smiling. Finn and I were absolutely out of control. I think my favorite scene of all was in the middle of this disaster Finn walked over to the CD player, pulled out the CD, broke it in half and while screaming, "You A-HOLES," flung the CD into the kitchen.

The next morning, our landlord came over to check our apartments. Surprisingly, those guys didn't get their deposits back.

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Oh man, you kill me. I would have killed to see that scene...