Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pregnancy According to Cabo

Last week the husband and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas.  The following entries will be some of my thoughts on the trip.  (By the way, Cabo: very cool.)

While we were in Cabo I found the Mexican peoples' reactions to my pregnancy rather strange.  For example, the other day we were walking on the beach and a peddler of fine, and obviously very authentic, Mexican jewelry approached us and said, "You want to buy jewelry?"  To which we politely responded, "No, gracias."  (Thank you Unionville and your high level Spanish training.)  He then said, "You want to buy some clothes," to which we again said, "No, gracias mi amigo."  (I know it will be hard to believe, but I did not, let me repeat, did not serve a mission in a Spanish speaking country.)  Then without warning, and I would like to add he did look down and see my bulging stomach, "You want weed?"  I got to say, I absolutely loved the jump from simple trinkets to entreating us with mary jane.  It truly was an ingenious retail move: Know your client...know their wants...get them the goods.

As great as the marijuana proposal was, I equally admired the Mexicans' desire for me to drink while pregnant.  Outside of being asked what cocktail I would like at every meal and every time I found myself at the pool, I was also informed by a professional Cabo San Lucasian (I made that up) skipper that his wife used to drink all the time during her pregnancy and found tequila to be the best relaxer for all those stressful pregnancies moments.  Huh?  Tequila during pregnancy?  Genius again.

So there you have it all you stuffy and uptight mothers to be.  If you want a truly successful pregnancy, according to the good people of Cabo, grab some tequila, roll a little doobie and call it a day.

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