Thursday, May 3, 2012

The P Word

The other day at work I was asked by a customer, who is most likely in his early 40s, if I was "in the family way."  Wow, I cannot explain the restraint this customer was asking me to have in answering this question. This was truly the soft balls of all soft balls for a overtly sarcastic person.  At first, I wanted to respond with something incredibly gratuitous like, "Yep, the husband and I got frisky and now my insides are knocked up."  And then I thought going with something more tame, but equally as sarcastic like, "Why yes, and it's simply amazing it happened since I spend all my time in the kitchen cooking roasts and that we sleep in separate single beds."  And finally, I wrestled with the tried and true of, "What?  AM I PREGNANT?  Say it.  Pregnant.  Yes, I'm the "P" Word.  PREGNANT."

Fortunately, for him, and unfortunately for my self-worth, I just answered, "Yea."  Oh, what could have been.

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Paul said...

Kate, I would have predicted this response from you: "You know what, that's a great question, I've been wondering the same thing. Do you happen to have a pregnancy test handy? I can go back and pee on it and then we'll both know."