Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom is Better Than Yours

Being that is it Mother's Day today, I thought I would take a moment and express my love and admiration for my mom. I know people say it, but truly I have the best mom. Why? Well, here's 5 reasons:

1. Look at the woman, she's hot. 60+ and she has still got it.
2. She's hilarious. Tell her a dirty joke, or anything that involves farting, and the woman will be laughing. How can you not love that?
3. She knew that the husband was the one before I knew she was the one. So, she's smart is what I'm saying.
4. She is an AMAZING cook. (I wish that was hereditary.)
5. She always puts us kids first.

Barb, I love you. Thanks for having me and sorry about the 28 minute wait....


JoAnn said...

I agree...your mom is GREAT! Love her lots.


Rachel said...

K, awesome post about your Mom. How lovely is she? Wow!!