Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Buzz Kill on My Holiday Spirit

I know, I know I've been absolutely miserable at this whole blog thing. I was officially taken off bed rest three weeks ago and I haven't stopped since. However, the good news is is that while I've been running around with my head cut off I've been able to experience some interesting things.

For example...

I always enjoy the holiday season and the spirit of charity and goodwill that it breeds. The other night, while merrily riding my bike through the streets of Santa Monica, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of Christmas. I don't know if it was the haphazard display of lights along apartment buildings or the Christmas music always blaring outside my door, but I was feeling quite jolly. I took this feeling into my local grocery store and proceeded to smile even when some moron thought fifty items constituted a place in the "Express Lane" or when another woman wanted me to hold her place so she could run back to the butcher and get another pork chop. No, nothing could kill my Christmas spirit.

And then, I walked outside. You all have seen these people before. They ring a simple bell and as you past, they ask, "Could you spare some change for the holiday season?" As I began to explain that I didn't have any cash, BUT that I would have given all that I had if I could, the boy holding the bell said, "Yeah whatever, who cares about the people who have nothing. Go enjoy your warm house." Immediately, I was taken aback and started to say, "No, really I never carry cash." To which he replied, "No seriously, I get it - it's all about you this season." I didn't know what to say. So, I said all I could in a very passive-aggressive, sort of running away mumble, "Oh, that's awesome. Now I really want to give." To which, the boy with the bell said, "I heard that. Merry Freaking Christmas."

Wow, apparently the holiday season is not only about celebrating the spirit of giving, but harassing and demoralizing those individuals who refuse to give.

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Ru said...

Hahaha - it's also about forcing charity. My friend just found out from his firm that instead of giving employees Christmas bonuses, they're donating all the bonuses to the homeless shelter. Presh, right?

(And even though I love the homeless and all, the idea of employers donating to someone other than me for my work makes me want to vomit with rage. Not only did you deprive me of my bonus, you showed me just how I am employed totally at your whims. Double whammy.)

So glad I'm not him. :)