Wednesday, April 16, 2008

29 "Dad's Favorite Day"

Yesterday, I woke up and called my dad. He picked up and the following conversation took place:
Kate: "Hey Dad, good morning. How are you doing?"
Dad: "Not good. I got a head cold and I can't seem to shake it."
Kate: "That's no good. How did the move go in St. George?"
Dad: "Not good. I just didn't feel well."
(Five minutes later of hearing about his ailments and the fact that he wasn't going to be seeing the Beach Boys in concert)
Dad: "So what's new with you?"
Kate: "Well, I was just calling to say 'Thanks for having me.'"
Dad: "'Having you?' We haven't seen you yet."
Kate: "No Dad. 'Thanks for having me' in the sense 'Thanks for making me.' Today, is my birthday."
Dad: "Oh crap. Of course, Happy Birthday. Katherine, that was one of the most memorable days of my life."
Kate (inner thought) "Huh?"
Dad: "How old are you now?"
Kate: "29."
Dad: "When are you going to start a family?"
Kate: "Is Mom around?"

Nothing like a special birthday wish from your father.

I would have to say that 29 was one of my favorite birthdays. I woke up late and got to snuggle with my Danny, talked to my Dad (which we already discussed as one of my favorite moments...much like my birth for him), rode 40 miles, got a massage and had dinner at one of the coolest restaurants I've ever seen. It's called Yamashiro and it's tucked away in the hills of Hollywood. From the entrance you can see the Hollywood sign, the skyline of downtown LA and out to the ocean. It was absolutely breathtaking.

After dinner we headed down the hill to see "Wicked." I felt like for a brief moment I was walking into some type of cult or sub-culture. Everyone was wearing "Wicked" t-shirts, singing the songs and critiquing who would be playing the main roles. When the show started it was like Christmas morning for the audience. I seriously think I heard people finally breathe when the main character appeared on stage. Oh the anticipation.

Okay, mocking, kidding, pointing fingers (what have you) aside - it was an awesome show. We had seats three rows back and I felt like I was literally on stage. (And so did a lot of people around us, as they mouthed the words and clapped a little too soon...okay the mocking will eventually stop).

All and all it was a perfect day. If this is the beginning of what is to come - bring it.

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