Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kid Rock's Wisdom

The other day I was walking down 2nd Street and saw Ben Harper walking his little daughter down the street. I couldn't believe it. Here was someone that has deeply affected me, and I didn't even stop him and say what's up? His music, without a doubt, has played such an interesting role in my life. Not to get melodramatic here, but I can honestly say, I become almost Pavlov's dog when I hear certain songs. I get all sorts of quiet, agitated and pensive. So, as you can probably guess his music was always associated with really "happy times."

It's funny how music reminds me of so many times. For example, every time I hear the forsaken song "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum I think I'm in Hawaii because we must have heard that song a thousand times on our honeymoon. "Runaway train, never coming back, one way on a way track." Poetry. When I hear "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins I'm instantly put back in a dark lockeroom somewhere in Downingtown, PA after we won a District Title in basketball I only played 10 seconds in. I remember everyone was running around screaming "Today is the day." Whenever I hear the song "Cowboy" by Kid Rock I can literally feel the sun on my face and the smell of newly cut grass. It was for some reason the only song on our absolutely pathetic "warm-up" mix my senior year that actually pumped me up. I remember I used to find my teammate Courtney in the crowd and lip sync, "Start an escort service, for all the right reasons And set up shop at the top of four seasons." What in the world does that even mean?
Anyway, that's my random thought for today.

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