Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

On our way back from South Carolina, Dan and I stopped in Durham to walk around Duke. It was strange to reminisce about a place we both knew so well, and yet, didn't experience together. I must have passed the Law School a thousand times on my way to the field and never even thought about going inside. Dan remembers parking next to the lacrosse field everyday, and even being cussed out a few times by my pyscho coach for playing soccer on our blessed practice field. As my mom would say, "Oh the craziness of life."

The last stop of our tour took us to my old house on Buchanan Blvd. In 2000, I lived there with ten of my teammates and little Mexican girl who somehow ended up there. In the beginning it seemed like a great idea. It was an old Southern plantation style home, with a deck running around the first story and second. It held two kitchens, four bathrooms, 9 bedrooms and a huge gravel driveway. Across the road was campus, next door was the Men's Lacrosse house and on the other side was the Men's Soccer Team's house. Again, let me say it seemed like a good idea. However, as each day passed it began to smell more like a frat house, incite more drama than I can relate and ultimately caused the demise of my team that year.

I think the following would entail my fondest memories of this house:
1. When I pulled up to the house to move in three empty kegs sat on our porch and a random guy was passed out on our floor.
2. A squirrel came down one of our chimneys and was loose in our house.
3. Bird (on of my favorite teammates) decided we needed some rocking chairs for our downstairs deck. Consequently, she got drunk one night and stole ten rocking chairs from our neighbors, then sanded them down and repainted them.
4. Our heat stopped working before Christmas and we used to leave the oven on overnight.
5. When cops came to bust one of our parties and ended up spending the night with two of my teammates. (Yep, picture two cop cars in our driveway, cop uniform on the floor and a badge and gun on the nightstand)
6. Greg Patcheck decides to get even with Courtney my teammate for cheating on him by throwing a bench through our downstairs door.
7. Finn, my best friend, hitting a car full of Mexicans coming out of our pothole driveway - and when she tried to get their information they all jumped out of the running car and ran down the street yelling, "Illegal Alien, Illegal Alien!"
8. Hearing "One Million Dollars" from a lifesize Dr. Evil every time someone walked by its sensor.
9. Every bed being occupied except mine each weekend.
10. When school shut down with snow, Margaritas were immediately made and a mattress was hooked up to a truck for a ride around town.
11. Sunbathing in underwear on the second story and waving to honking cars.
12. A Dark stain of apple on the wall after a drunk fight turned into a fruit throwing confrontation.
13. My hitting of a car of Mexicans.
14. Getting deathly sick due to stress, no heat and unsanitary conditions...and taking my finals the following semester.
15. Calling the cops on our own house to get everyone to go home.
16. When a homeless man stole all our cleats and sticks off our porch. (probably karma for the rocking chairs)
17. Finn's closet of a room that could only fit a bed on stilts and a desk underneath.
18. Waking up to a guy urinating on our kitchen floor.
19. A teammate, who I thought was normal, speaking in third person with her boyfriend and he responding in the third person. (Keri is hungry...Mikey hungry too.)
20. Moving out and hiding out for the summer in my own personal rehab.

As you can see by the picture the house is barely still standing. Apparently, Satan reclaimed the house through a small fire. Rest in peace Buchanan.

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