Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Little Deal

I've heard misguided individuals declare from the pulpit on many occasions how grateful they are for trials. Grateful!? For what I must ask? For the fact you slowly convince yourself that every tingle and itch could be your last? That you find yourself having a difficult time sleeping and acting like a rational person? Or maybe that food slowly loses it's taste and flipping channels becomes a chore? Or my personal favorite: That in three seconds you can google yourself into believing you may have a rare form of leprosy or you are going blind?

If these things appeal to you...then yes, maybe you are grateful for trials. Me, I must be honest. Lately, I feel like my body just won't behave. It seems to fluctuate between alright and "what in the world?" At first, yes, I would say I was grateful to be reminded of the outside help I needed. Now, I'm just teetering on sheer impatience. I'll take the trial...let's just put a two week cap on it. Okay?